Spend no attention to trip attendant jokes you have heard throughout the years. If you possess the possibility to day one, don’t hesitate to book the flight!

Here are 15 main reasons why:

1. Journey attendants have actually free of charge or affordable standby flight positive points to most spots. Desire a spontaneous week-end in san francisco bay area or Austin? Over bargain.

2. Individuals who fly the friendly skies for a living spend a lot of the time overseas, so that they’re very appreciative of a common face and an intimate evening yourself when down-time finally shows up.

3. It can’t end up being stated of flight attendants that they do not get away a great deal. If they has elected to-be with you, it’s not for lack of other choices.

4. Flight attendants are trained to remain calm in a crisis and steer clear of anxiety in other people, skills that can come in convenient during any conflict inside connection.

5. a flight attendant is taught to cope gracefully with types of folks. Satisfying your mother and father or the best pals—and creating an excellent impression—should be easy.

6. Someone that chooses in order to become a flight attendant has a well-known feeling of adventure. They’re not likely is the wet blanket at a celebration—or in a relationship.

7. If you’ve always wanted to look at globe, a journey attendant will always make a fantastic travel pal and visit guide.

8. When you do travel with each other, there is no need to worry about hauling around a hill of the luggage. Journey attendants understand worth of economy when packing a suitcase.

9. Trip attendants tend to be taught to be efficient, punctual, and organized—admirable qualities in an online dating spouse, particularly if you’ve dated irresponsible, unreliable folks in the past.

10. Food dialogue with a flight attendant is actually not likely to-be dull or boring. They will have an endless way to obtain interesting stories to inform.

11. Trip attendants may already know just that grass isn’t just greener on the other side of the nation (or globe), because they’ve already been through it.

12. Journey attendants won’t endure long on work without powerful people skills. Those abilities are sure to improve a dating union.

13. Because they invest really time with people on the road, flight attendants appreciate online dating some one the help of its legs on the floor.

14. Journey attendants deal with risk on a regular basis—which can provide them an attractive gusto forever.

15. a journey attendant will encourage you amply for a deluxe base wipe at the conclusion of a long excursion. Incentive: They may have an endless way to obtain honey-roasted peanuts and pretzels!

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